BA’s parent IAG orders 20 Airbus A320neo aircraft

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British Airways Logo (Image Credit: British Airways)
British Airways Logo (Image Credit: British Airways)

British Airways is not normally an airline to announce aircraft orders at aviation shows.

However, to co-incide with the launch of Farnborough Air Show, BA’s parent company, International Airlines Group (“IAG”), announced that it has converted 20 of 100 options to buy Airbus A320neo aircraft into firm orders.

This follows a firm order for Airbus aircraft for BA’s IAG sibling, Vueling, in August of last year.

These aircraft will be delivered from 2018 and will, ostensibly, be used to replace existing BA short-haul aircraft.
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BA revamps short-haul aircraft

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British Airways Club Europe Cabin
British Airways Club Europe Cabin (Image Credit: British Airways)

In recent months, there has been a flurry of activity by Europe’s legacy airlines in respect of their short-haul operations.

Traditionally, these airlines (British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa etc) have operated a business model of broadly making all of their profits on long-haul flights whilst losing money on short-haul flights.

Losses on short-haul flights have historically been tolerated on the basis they provide connecting passengers to support long-haul operations.

However, the maturing of low cost carriers such as easyJet into credible rivals for lucrative business passengers has put pressure on short-haul revenues. Furthermore, the intensity of competition from Middle Eastern airlines has reduced the profits on long-haul against which losses on short-haul operations can be offset.

Lufthansa is in the process of transferring short-haul flights that do not serve is Frankfurt and Munich hubs to Germanwings. British Airways has undertaken a number of revenue-raising measures such as short notice day-tripper and weekender flights and seasonal flights during quiet business travel periods.

The next phase of activity from BA is a complete reconfiguration of almost all of its Airbus short-haul aircraft.

For passengers travelling in the economy EuroTraveller cabin, the changes are broadly positive. For passengers travelling in the business class Club Euroe cabin the picture is more mixed.

British Airways Short Haul Economy Cabin (Credit: British Airways)

Here are the main changes:

1. New ergonomically designed, slimmer leather seats with moveable armrests and a 4-way moveable headrest.

2. New literature pockets that can also hold the sleeve of an iPad for passengers who want to bring their own in-flight entertainment.

3. In Club Europe, a new central table feature called the ‘Centre console’ will be positioned in the middle seat that is traditionally kept free.

4. The aircraft will also be fitted with new curtains, carpets and wall coverings and a LED lighting system and “refreshed” washrooms.

The big downside is that leg room in Club Europe will be reduced from 34 inches to 30 inches. However, BA claims that this will not impact significantly on “usable” space due to the design of the seats which allow for more knee room.

The effect of the reduction in leg room and other changes is that the overall number of seats will increase on each aircraft. On an Airbus 319 aircraft BA will provide 143 seats instead of 132 seats. On an Airbus 320 aircraft will provide 168 seats instead of 162 seats. On an Airbus 321 aircraft will provide 205 seats instead of 188 seats,

The first refurbished aircraft will enter into service on 4 July of this year and the rollout is expected to be completed by next year.

The Boeing 767s that operate in a short-haul configuration and the Boeing 737s that operate at Gatwick are not being reconfigured as they are both shortly being retired from the fleet.

See an Airbus A320 recycled in Kevin McCloud’s “Supersized Salvage”

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Channel 4 Logo
Channel 4 Logo (Image Credit: London Air Travel)

This is one, perhaps, for readers more interested in the hardware of aviation than the “softer” aspects of flying.

Tonight, 24 April 2014, on Channel 4 (UK), “Grand Designs” presenter Kevin McCloud will challenge a team of three engineers to recycle the entire contents of an Airbus A320 aircraft into reusable consumer products in Kevin McCloud’s “Supersized Salvage” (also repeated just after midnight on 4 Seven).
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IAG orders up to 120 Airbus A320 aircraft for Vueling

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International Airlines Group (IAG) has today confirmed that it has secured both firm orders and options for up to 220 Airbus A320 short haul aircraft for its subsidiary airlines British Airways, Iberia and Vueling.

Up to 120 of these aircraft are designated for its short-haul low cost carrier subsidiary Vueling. The new aircraft will enable Vueling to replace some of its existing aircraft and expand its network.

The Vueling order comprises 62 firm orders which include 30 A320ceo and 32 A320neo aircraft and options for a further 58 aircraft. The firm orders will be delivered to Vueling between 2015 and 2020.

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