BA confirms delivery dates for first Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft

British Airways has today confirmed that is to take delivery of its first Boeing 787 aircraft on 26 June, and a second Boeing 787 aircraft a day later. It will take delivery of its first Airbus A380 aircraft on 4 July at a special media event at Heathrow to celebrate the introduction of two new aircraft types to its fleet.

BA has previously confirmed that the Airbus A380 will operate the BA25/BA26 Hong Kong route and selected Los Angeles flights later this year. The airline has released seat plans for the A380 but has not revealed the full cabin specification for the aircraft.

BA is yet to confirm on which routes the Boeing 787 will first be deployed. However, it reasonable to assume that some of the first routes to receive the Boeing 787 will be transatlantic routes currently operated by the Boeing 787 aircraft which include Washington, New York Newark, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Calgary.

As other airlines have done, and BA has previously done for new aircraft types, the Boeing 787 aircraft and Airbus A380 aircraft will be tested on passenger operated routes to Stockholm and Frankfurt respectively. The exact dates for these test flights have not been announced. However, it is reasonable to assume that rotations currently operated by a Boeing 767 may be used. (BA0902 London – Frankfurt 07:00-09:45 – BA0903 Frankfurt – London 10:55 11:40 / BA0780 London – Stockholm 13:25 – 16:55 BA0781 Stockholm – London 18:10 19:45). BA has also confirmed that the new aircraft will be tested on UK domestic flights.

BA has 12 Airbus A380 aircraft on order, with nine due for delivery by 2015 and options to purchase a further 7 Airbus aircraft. BA has 42 Boeing 787 aircraft on order, with 12 due for delivery by 2015 and options to purchase a further 10 aircraft.

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