Thailand Coup: Thai Airways & BA Heathrow flights scheduled to operate

As has been widely reported in the media, on 22 May, the Royal Thai Army imposed Martial Law in Thailand. The military authorities in Thailand have imposed a nationwide daily curfew between the hours of 10pm and 5am. Broadcasters such as the BBC and CNN have also been taken off air.

British Airways and Thai Airways fly daily and twice daily respectively from London Heathrow to Suvarnabhumi International airport Bangkok under the following flight numbers:

Flight BA9 – Depart 15:40 London Heathrow – Arrive Bangkok 09:15

Flight TG911 – Depart 12:30 London Heathrow – Arrive Bangkok 06:05
Flight TG917 – Depart 21:30 London Heathrow – Arrive Bangkok 15:05

Flight BA10 – Depart Bangkok 11:20 – Arrive London Heathrow 17:35

Flight TG910 – Depart Bangkok 01:10 – Arrive London Heathrow 07:15
Flight TG916 – Depart Bangkok 12:50 – Arrive London Heathrow 18:55

Both airlines have issued guidance that their flights are due to operate normally (though on the day of writing Thai Airways flight TG917 to Bangkok has been cancelled).

Furthermore, both airlines advise that passengers travelling to/from the airport are not affected by the curfew but should allow plenty of time to have travel documentation readily available for inspection.

The Foreign Office has also issued guidance for travellers which is consistent with the above.

Whilst passenger traffic to Bangkok from London Heathrow seems to have remained broadly constant over the past year, these events will put pressure on a route that is subject to intense competition from competitors offering indirect routings (Emirates flies to Bangkok four times a day from Dubai).

It is worth noting that BA in particular has cut capacity to Bangkok by downgrading the route from a four class Boeing 747 to a three class Boeing 777 and changing the flight times to reduce aircraft down time in Bangkok.

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