BA schedules during cabin crew strikes from Friday 3 March to Thursday 9 March 2017

Here are BA’s schedules for the planned seven days of industrial action from Friday 3 March to Thursday 10 March 2017.

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British Airways “Mixed Fleet” cabin crew at London Heathrow plan to take industrial action over seven consecutive days from Friday 3 March to Thursday 9 March 2017.

BA has reviewed its schedules for all seven days of industrial action and has confirmed that:

  • All flights from London City, London Gatwick and London Stansted will operate as normal.
  • The majority of flights from London Heathrow will operate as normal with some flights merged and short-haul flights most at risk of cancellation.
  • However, there will also be a very large number of additional cancellations to short-haul services from London Heathrow to France, Spain and surrounding regions due to industrial action by Air Traffic Controllers in France

BA has not and will not publish a list of cancelled flights as it evidently keen to play down the impact of the industrial action.

Cancelled flights due to industrial action include the following (but this is not intended to be a complete list and does not include cancellations caused by strike action by Air Traffic Controllers in France):

BA0123 – London Heathrow – Doha (Friday 3 March)
BA0122 – Doha – London Heathrow (Saturday 4 March)

BA1306 – London Heathrow – Aberdeen (Sunday 5 March)
BA1307 – Aberdeen – London Heathrow (Sunday 5 March)

BA0235 – London Heathrow – Moscow (Sunday 5 March)
BA0234 – Moscow – London Heathrow (Sunday 5 March)

BA1316 – London Heathrow – Aberdeen (Monday 6 March)
BA1317 – Aberdeen – London Heathrow (Monday 6 March)

BA0932 – London Heathrow – Dusseldorf (Monday 6 March)
BA0933 – Dusseldorf – London Heathrow (Monday 6 March)

If you are due to travel on any days affected by the strike action, you should check your booking directly at before finalising your travel plans.

Flights operations are also of course subject to whatever other operational issues that emerge on the day such as severe weather and strikes by Air Traffic Control in France from Monday 6 March to Friday 10 March.

In the event that your flight is cancelled you should be offered an alternative flight on the same route, a rebooking to an alternative destination nearby, or a full refund.

In terms of where this dispute goes from here, it is understood that there are no talks underway between BA and Unite, the union which represents Mixed Fleet cabin crew.

Under UK employment law, there is a period of 12 weeks from the start of industrial action where employees are protected against unfair dismissal for taking part in industrial action. After 12 weeks, an employer can legally dismiss employees for taking part in industrial action if it has tried to settle this dispute. Therefore, in theory this dispute under the current ballot could continue until mid-April as the industrial action started in mid-January. It is extremely unlikely that Unite would call further industrial action under the current strike ballot mandate after mid-April.

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