BA100: 69. Passenger BOND/JAMES MR.

100 Years Of British Airways: Behind the scenes as BA features in the 2002 James Bond film “Die Another Day”.

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BA Boeing 747 approaching the coast (Image Credit: British Airways)
BA Boeing 747 approaching the coast (Image Credit: British Airways)

Welcome to our 100 part series on the history of BA and its predecessor airlines.

BA aircraft have featured in many TV programmes and films, both fictional and factual.

The airline is obviously very selective about who its works with. Any scenes featuring its aircraft in distress are absolutely out of the question.

BA has worked with the James Bond franchise on a few occasions, including “Moonraker”, “Goldeneye” and “Die Another Day” starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in 2002.

Here you can see behind the scenes footage from “Die Another Day” of a scene featuring Bond flying from Cuba to London, filmed in a BA First Class cabin on a Boeing 747 at London Heathrow.

Bond of course knows there’s simply no better way to spend a BA flight than browsing a copy of High Life magazine.

This is perhaps not the most famous BA association with the James Bond franchise.

Casino Royale featured Virgin Atlantic aircraft and a cameo from Sir Richard Branson, who was edited out of the version shown on BA’s in-flight entertainment system. This proved to be a PR gift to Virgin as it generated a huge amount of worldwide press coverage.

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