BA100: 65. “The Magic Of Flying”

100 Years Of British Airways: “Look Up”, an interactive billboard that would identify British Airways aircraft flying overhead.

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Welcome to our 100 part series on the history of BA and its predecessor airlines.

“Look Up” was a campaign developed by the interactive agency OgilvyOne for British Airways in 2013.

Interactive billboards in Chiswick and Piccadilly Circus would respond as a BA aircraft flew over it. OgilvyOne had installed antennae on nearby buildings which could identify overflying aircraft. Using custom-made software it would identify which of those aircraft were operated by BA.

A child would then point to the aircraft in the sky and the billboard would display its actual flight number and origin, highlighting the breadth of destinations served by BA.

As well as generating a significant number of visits to the BA website and impressions on social media, the campaign won multiple industry awards.

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