BA100: 15. “The World’s Favourite Airline”

100 Years Of British Airways: One of the most powerful airline advertising slogans in history “The World’s Favourite Airline”

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British Airways, "The World's Favourite Airline", 1983.
British Airways, “The World’s Favourite Airline”, 1983.

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Of all the advertising slogans used by BA and its predecessor airlines, none has been more memorable than “The World’s Favourite Airline”.

British Airways "The World's Favourite Airline", 1983
British Airways “The World’s Favourite Airline”, 1983

Based on the simple fact that BA carried more international passengers than any other airline, it was adopted by the airline 1983.

You can certainly describe it as an audacious move. By BA’s own admission at the time, it was more of a statement of intent than anything else.

It clearly rankled BA’s competitors. “The world’s favourite airline. They must be on a different planet.” sniffed Virgin Atlantic in a 1989 advertisement.

Many repeatedly complained unsuccessfully to advertising and broadcasting regulators about its use. It was also frequently mocked by rivals. In its early years, easyJet initially branded itself as “The web’s favourite airline”.

BA officially withdrew its use of the slogan in 2001 after Lufthansa gained the title of “The world’s favourite”. Whether based on the objective measure of passenger numbers, or the subjective views of passengers, the era of “The world’s favourite” is not coming back.

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