New & Noteworthy: CityJet, British Airways, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Virgin America

Here are a few new & noteworthy items for today, Monday 15 April:

Air France KLM has linked up two potential bidders (ASL Aviation and Intro Aviation) for its London City short-haul airline CityJet (Irish Times)

The Centre for Aviation looks at British Airways’ long-haul fleet replacement plans (Centre for Aviation)

CAPA also compares the virtual networks of Qantas and Virgin Australia (Centre for Aviation)

Sir Richard Branson complains about the “Big Three” US airlines and the competitive activity by United against Virgin America. This is the same Richard Branson that owns 51% of Virgin Atlantic, with the remaining 49% owned by its forthcoming joint-venture partner Delta.

Finally, Qantas unveils its new uniforms today (Qantas Newsroom)

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