BBC2 to go behind the scenes at London Heathrow next month with “Airport Live”

The BBC has announced that it is to go behind the scenes at London Heathrow airport next month with “Airport Live”. Over four consecutive nights from Monday 17 June to Thursday 20 June, the BBC will be live from the control tower and airport terminals of London Heathrow.

This is not the first time the BBC has done such an exercise. Many readers will no doubt recall the long running fly on the wall documentary “Airport”.

Whilst “Airport” was very much focused on the work of a small number of individual staff members and passengers’ stories, it seems that “Airport Live” will lean more towards the mechanics and challenges of the daily airport operation. The BBC promises unprecedented access to air traffic control, airport terminals and airport hangars, to monitor the entire airport operation through a combination of pre-recorded segments and live footage (though I assume certain areas are bound to be off limits for security reasons).

It is understood that BA will be actively participating in the programme. This is noteworthy in itself as BA has, in the past, not been known for being willing to open itself up the media.

Full details of the production are available in this BBC Press Release.

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