A quick reminder that “Airport Live” starts on BBC2 tonight at 8pm

As mentioned previously, the BBC is to go behind the scenes at London Heathrow airport from today with “Airport Live” which is on BBC2 from 8pm.

Over four consecutive nights, the BBC will be live from the control tower and airport terminals of London Heathrow. There are already a number of preview clips on programme website.

The track record of prime time television programmes on air travel is not good, with a particular tendency to learn towards sensationalism about air safety. However, “Airport Live” is produced in conjunction with The Open University to fulfil the University’s own course requirements, so it should be relatively informative and worth “setting the video” for.

All four programmes will also be available on demand the BBC iPlayer. However, for viewers outside the UK, I’m afraid I don’t think there won’t be any official means of watching “Airport Live”.

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