BA launches new route from London City to Manchester (but don’t get too excited..)

BA will fly between London City and Manchester just once a week between Sunday 21 May and Sunday 1 October 2017.

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BA CityFlyer Embraer at London City Airport
BA CityFlyer Embraer at London City Airport

British Airways is to launch a new route from London City to Manchester.

Interested? Well don’t get too excited. There’s just one return flight a week and it only operates from Sunday 21 May to Sunday 1 October 2017!

However, there is method behind the madness. Allow us to explain:

London City is closed from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. As this would leave BA’s fleet of Embraer aircraft otherwise sitting on the ground, last year it ran a successful experiment of summer weekend leisure flights from Stansted. BA is now looking to extend this to other UK airports and Manchester is the latest airport to gain weekend leisure routes.

BA will offer weekend leisure flights from Manchester to Alicante, Ibiza, Malaga, Mykonos, Nice and Palma from late May to October 2017.

As BA needs to move aircraft from London City to Manchester to operate the flights, it has also opened this flight for sale to passengers.

Flights from Manchester are on sale now at  The only exception are flights between Manchester and London City which go on sale on 21 February 2017.

Please note that the timetables below are indicative only. There may be changes to the schedule depending on the strength of forward bookings.

Whilst food & drink should initially be complementary in EuroTraveller, at some point in the summer BA is expected to extend its Marks & Spencer Buy-On-Board to all London City flights and London Stansted and Manchester weekend leisure flights.

With the exception of Alicante, all of these routes are also served by BA from Heathrow and it should be possible to “mix and match” direct flights with indirect flights via London Heathrow (or via Iberia in Madrid in some cases). If booking connections take care not to book connections from different London airports as any travel between London airports will be at your own expense and not recommended.

London City – Manchester (Sunday 21 May 2017 – Sunday 1 October 2017)

BA 9784 Depart London City 19:45 – Arrive Manchester 20:45 (Thursday)
BA 9783 Depart Manchester 19:55 – Arrive London City 20:55 (Sunday)

Manchester – Alicante – (Saturday 20 May 2017) – Saturday 30 September 2017)

BA 9751 Depart Manchester 05:50 – Arrive Alicante 09:40 (Saturday)
BA 9752 Depart Alicante 10:25 – Arrive Manchester 12:20 (Saturday)

Manchester – Ibiza (Thursday 18 May 2017 – Sunday 1 Oct 2017)

BA 9785 Depart Manchester 21:25 – Arrive Ibiza 01:15 (Thursday)
BA 9786 Depart Ibiza 01:55 – Arrive Manchester 03:30 (Friday)

BA 9798 Depart Ibiza 10:45 – Arrive Manchester 12:30 (Saturday)

BA 9785 Depart Manchester 19:30 – Arrive Ibiza 23:30 (Saturday)
BA 9786 Depart Ibiza 00:05 – Arrive Manchester 01:50 (Sunday)

BA 9785 Depart Manchester 12:50 – Arrive Ibiza 16:40 (Sunday)
BA 9798 Depart Ibiza 17:25 – Arrive Manchester 19:10 (Sunday)

Manchester – Malaga (Friday 19 May 2017 – 29 September 2017)

BA 9787 Depart Manchester 05:35 – Arrive Malaga 09:35 (Fri)
BA 9788 Depart Malaga 10:20 – Arrive Manchester 12:25 (Fri)

Manchester – Mykonos (Friday 19 May 2017 – Friday 29 September 2017)

BA 9789 Depart Manchester 13:10 – Arrive Mykonos 19:10 (Friday)
BA 9790 Depart Mykonos 19:55 – Arrive Manchester 22:05 (Friday)

Manchester – Nice (Saturday 20 May 2017 – Sunday 30 September 2017)

BA 9793 Depart Manchester 13:05 – Arrive Nice 16:25 (Saturday)
BA 9794 Depart Nice 17:10 – Arrive Manchester 18:35 (Saturday)

Manchester – Palma (Sunday 21 May 2017 – Sunday 1 October 2017)

BA 9795 Depart Manchester 05:50 – Arrive Palma 09:35 (Sunday)
BA 9796 Depart Palma 10:20 – Arrive Manchester 12:05 (Sunday)

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