British Airways London Heathrow flight cancellations due to cabin crew strike action on Thursday 9, Friday 10, and Saturday 11 February 2017

British Airways has updated its schedules to account for its contingency plans following planned industrial action by “Mixed Fleet” cabin crew at London Heathrow on on Thursday 9, Friday 10 or Saturday 11 February 2017.

BA has confirmed that:

  • All flights from London City, London Gatwick and London Stansted will operate as normal.
  • The vast majority of flights from London Heathrow are scheduled to operate as normal.

BA has cancelled a select number of flights from London Heathrow. In the event that your flight is cancelled you should be offered an alternative flight on the same route, a rebooking to an alternative destination nearby, or a refund.

BA has not published a list of cancelled flights. However, We have scanned BA’s schedules and we have identified the following cancellations so far.

Please note this is not intended to be a definitive list and this may be subject to change. You should always check you booking directly at before finalising your travel plans.

Cancelled Flights – Thursday 9 February 2017

BA1304 London Heathrow – Aberdeen
BA1305 Aberdeen – London Heathrow

BA0964 London Heathrow – Hamburg
BA0965 Hamburg – London Heathrow

BA0366 London Heathrow – Marseille
BA0367 Marseille – London Heathrow

BA0762 London Heathrow – Oslo
BA0763 Oslo – London Heathrow

Cancelled Flights – Friday 10 February 2017

No reported cancellations. (However, some short-haul flights did have delays.)

Cancelled Flights – Saturday 11 February 2017

No reported cancellations.

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