BA100: 90. “Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major”

100 Years Of British Airways: BOAC’s “Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major” advert from 1969.

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BOAC "Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major" advert 1969.
BOAC “Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major” advert 1969.

A relatively rare TV advert for British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) from 1969:

A BOAC Chief Steward in a white tuxedo jacket patrols the aisle of a Vickers VC10 aircraft, piloted by Captain Norman Bristow, to a rendition of “Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major”.

“Anything I can get you Captain?”

“Oh, a spot of coffee might go down very well.”

“I’ll crack the whip in the galley sir.”

“Jolly good.”

Well there we are.

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