Singapore Airlines introduces one stop link between London and Canberra

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Singapore Airlines is to introduce a one stop link between London Heathrow and Canberra, Australia with the launch of the first international airline service to Canberra from its hub in Singapore from Tuesday 20 September 2016.

Singapore Airlines will fly from Singapore to Canberra four times weekly.  

The flight will then continue from Canberra to Wellington, New Zealand.

The flight will be operated with a 266 seat Boeing 777-200 aircraft in a two class, business class (38 seats) and economy class (228 seats) configuration.  

First class and premium economy class will not be available.

Whilst it is true to say that Australia’s capital Canberra does not top the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and has long been overshadowed by its sexier/smarter rivals Sydney and Melbourne, the route will no doubt attract a lot of Government traffic.

Flights will be on sale at Singapore Airlines.

Singapore – Canberra – Wellington

Flight SQ291 Depart Singapore 23:00 – Arrive Canberra 08:35 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)

Flight SQ291 Depart Canberra 09:50 – Arrive Wellington 15:05 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Wellington – Canberra – Singapore

Flight SQ292 Depart Wellington 20:15 – Arrive Canberra 22:05  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Flight SQ292 Depart Canberra 23:30 – Arrive Singapore 05:50  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Flight times are subject to change when Daylight Saving Time is adopted.

Singapore Airlines Introduces Premium Economy

Singapore Airlines will introduce a dedicated premium economy cabin on flights at Heathrow from August 2015.

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Although both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have operated premium economy cabins on long-haul aircraft for over 15 years, carriers outside the UK have been slow to follow suit.

Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific have recently joined the relatively small number of airlines such as Qantas, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines and ANA to offer premium economy.

The principal reason for this is a concern that some passengers (or rather, their cost conscious employers) may choose to downgrade from business class, whereas airlines want passengers to upgrade from economy class.

The latest airline to introduce premium economy is Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines will introduce a premium economy cabin on its Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300 aircraft, both of which are operated on the London – Singapore route.

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Singapore Airlines launches joint rail & fly tickets

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Late last year, we wrote of a new initiative between First Great Western and British Airways, whereby BA passengers could book a flight with a connection on First Great Western to London Paddington, and the Heathrow Express from Paddington to Heathrow on a single ticket.

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Singapore Airlines launches “The Lengths We Go To” campaign

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Singapore Airlines has launched a new TV advertising campaign with three new advertisements under theme of “The Lengths We Go To”.

The advertisements seek to differentiate Singapore Airlines, which is facing very strong competition on price and route network from the Middle Eastern carriers, on the basis of its culture of service and attention to detail in product design. As is consistent with previous Singapore Airlines advertising, “Singapore Girl” features prominently.

“Understanding Your Needs”

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