Disruption due to strike by Air Traffic Controllers in Italy on Monday 20 March 2017

Air Traffic Controllers in Italy are due to take industrial action over a period of four hours from 12:00 to 16:00 GMT on Monday 20 March 2017.

This is likely to cause disruption with delays and cancellations.  As a consequence the following airlines have issued guidance for affected passengers.

It is also understand the certain unions represent airport workers are also taking industrial action on Monday. As such, there may be disruption to some airport ground services.

Please note that this page does not provide live flight information so any cancellations listed are proactive cancellations made in advance, and do not necessarily include any delays/cancellations made on the day.

You can check live flight information on the websites of Gatwick, Heathrow and London City airports.
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Ryanair reasserts its plans to launch transatlantic flights. But what are its plans exactly?

The Financial Times today reports that the board of Ryanair has given approval for the airline to launch transatlantic flights. The story has been picked up by Fortune.

This has been an oft repeated ambition of Ryanair, with Michael O’Leary notoriously promising “beds and blowjobs” for premium passengers.

Now it seems that Ryanair wants to follow in the footsteps of Norwegian and Lufthana’s Eurowings and launch low cost long-haul flights.

But what are its plans exactly?

Update 19 March: Ryanair has now confirmed, this time through an announcement to the stock exchange that it has no intention to launch a transatlantic airline.

Here’s what we know from the FT article:
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Cyprus Airways ceases operations with immediate effect; rescue fares for stranded passengers

Last year we wrote of how Cyprus Airways withdrew from London Heathrow after selling its one pair of departure and arrival slots to American Airlines for $31 million.

The airline since moved its London – Larnaca route to London Stansted. The European Commission today ruled that financial support received by the airline was deemed to be state aid and had to be repaid.

Cyprus Air has confirmed on website that it has now ceased operations after nearly 70 years’ flying.

When airlines do go out of business, it is standard practice for other airlines to offer assistance to stranded passengers and those with future bookings. This usually takes the form of offering seats at special fares or for the price paid for the original ticket, known as “rescue fares”.

Ryanair Rescue Fares

Ryanair has confirmed it is offering rescue fares from €49.99 on the following routes: Athens – Paphos; Thessaloniki – Paphos; and London Stansted – Paphos. Bookings can be made at the following link until next Friday 16 January.

British Airways Rescue Fares

British Airways flies to Larnaca from London Heathrow (Terminal 5) and Gatwick (North Terminal). BA is offering a special fare for travel up to the end of January 2015. This can only be booked via a BA call centre or at a BA ticket desk at Gatwick, Heathrow and Larnaca airports.

There’s more on ba.com The numbers of the BA call centre are 0844 493 0787 (UK) +800 92556 (Cyprus) and +44 203 564 5911 (elsewhere).

easyJet also flies to Larnaca from Gatwick. We should hear in the coming days if it is willing to offer assistance to stranded passengers.