British Airways launches new “day tripper” weekend tickets from London Heathrow to Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Vienna, Munich and Rome

British Airways, which continues to battle to regain lost market share in the European short-haul market from easyJet, has today announced a new fare enabling passengers to do “out and back in a day” trips to a number of short-haul destinations in the UK and mainland Europe on Saturdays and Sundays.

The lead-in return fares are £79 to Dublin and Geneva, £89 for Edinburgh and Rome and £99 for Vienna and Munich. These fares are available for booking now and we note that relatively short notice weekend fares for these destinations are significantly cheaper than others.

BA claim that these fares may be extended to other short-haul destinations in due course. We infer these fares are something of an experiment to help fill otherwise relatively quiet early morning and late night flights on weekends.

That said, this is a welcome innovation and certainly something we can see ourselves taking advantage of. If the experience of “Hand Baggage Only” fares is anything to by, it should be extended across the network very quickly.

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